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Show Your Support

Do you think your university would benefit from a university-wide subscription? If so, please fill in your information below and include any details on your current Overleaf use and experience.

We will share this information with our contacts at your school when discussing an Overleaf institutional subscription, and may follow up with you to discuss your use of Overleaf.

The more details we have about how you are using Overleaf, the better. If you feel comfortable we hope you’ll share:

  • The name and size of your lab or collaborative group who have or would like to use Overleaf
  • An estimate of how much time you think you would save per project
  • Any projects where you have or would like to use Overleaf
  • Any classes you have or would like to teach using Overleaf
  • Your favorite features on Overleaf
  • Contact information of decision makers in the purchasing process

Want to go the extra mile?

You can also help make the case for a university-wide subscription by sharing this request for service letter with the head of your department, and/or campus librarian.

Download Letter